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Brasília Alimentos - "Solito" installs new pneumatic conveying system



More than 50 years of history characterize Brasilia Alimentos as one of the major food companies in the state of São Paulo, now running more than 3.500 sales points in several Brazilian states.

Today Brasilia Alimentos produces 12.000 tons of processed rice, 3.000 tons of beans and 2.000 tons of sugar per month, in addition to their productive structure in the city of Sana Cruz do Rio Prado – SP.

Recently Zeppelin Systems Latin America delivered to Brasilia Alimentos a pneumatic conveying system in dilute phase with positive pressure for rice grits’ handling.

At a distance of approximately 240 m the conveying capacity reaches 12 t/h.

The system Brasilia Aliments acquired comprises:

• Blower;
• Heat exchanger;
• Rotary valves;
• Cartridge filter;
• Conveying piping;
• Dedusting piping;
• Electric panel;
• Automation and control system by PLC.

This system enhanced the plant, assuring more efficiency, traceability and predictability. In addition, all international hygienic standards were introduced.

By this investment Brasilia Alimentos confirms its leadership in the market, aiming at offering food elaborated from first class and selected raw materials produced according to a careful process control such that the quality of the final product is assured.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America congratulates Brasilia Alimentos for the initiative taken and is proud of having participated in such important project.

Whenever you need bulk handling solutions, don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin’s application engineers.

Ricardo Santos

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