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Tenneco invests in technology and quality from Zeppelin Systems Latin America



Tenneco Automotive, multinational represented in Brazil by Monroe, world leader in developing and manufacturing dampers; Monroe Axios, production leader for rubbers and components for the suspension; as well as Tenneco, manufacturer of exhaust systems, has 26.000 employees worldwide, divided up in more than 80 plants and 14 engineering centers in more than 100 countries. The company invests in research and development of products that are increasingly safer and more reliable for the drivers of five continents.

Aiming at continuous improvement, the Tenneco Automotive Division of “Elastómeros Axios” recently acquired a Tracemat® from Zeppelin, equipment developed for companies that require a precise and reliable weighing system for micro ingredients while having a complete control of their process and weighing traceability.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America developed the Tracemat® according to the highest technological standards of its German parent company.

With this equipment, the weighing of micro ingredients offers the following guarantees:

• Zero mistake by operator;
• Recording of every step / weight;
• Total traceability;
• Reports can be configured;
• Ergonomics and safety for operators;
• The scale weights just one ingredient at a time, thus avoiding cross-contamination;
• Zero loss of material;
• Interlocked system: only releases the materials when their weight is within the admissible tolerance.

The Tracemat® is a carrousel for raw materials that only rotates its internal structure by means of a central axis so that the required raw material is precisely and quickly found. The internal structure is covered by an external housing that protects and prevents any access to the raw materials that are not being weight.

The rotation of the internal structure is controlled by sensors and photoelectric barriers, so that in case of any accidental intervention, the operation of the equipment is immediately stopped.

Zeppelin Systems LA is proud for having participated in this project to modernize the micro ingredients weighing system at Axios.

For any project related to bulk materials handling, don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems LA application engineers.

Ricardo B. Santos

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