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Zeppelin Systems introduces mixers



Zeppelin Systems introduces innovative and efficient equipment for your mixing processes!

If you look for technology to speed up your industrial productivity in mixing processes, don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems Latin America that offers ….

.. the best solution for your company!

Zeppelin Mixers »Henschel Technology« are used by large companies all over the world.

Among many others materials, use these mixers for the products mentioned below:

✓Silicic Acid
✓Powdered rubber and nitrile rubber
✓Additive compounds
✓Powdered cosmetics
✓Graphite for pencils
✓Carbon black
✓Expanded Polysthyrene
✓Instant soupes
✓Powdered paints, inclusively metallic ones
✓Lime - chalk
✓Natural fibres

Ricardo B. Santos

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