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Panco accquires complete flour handling system from Zeppelin Systems for its plant in Guararema, SP



PANCO Indústria e Comercio de Produtos Alimentícios is a 100% Brazilian company founded in 1952. It is one of the biggest industries for the manufacture of bread, cakes, biscuits and dough.

Recently they built a new plant in Guararema, SP, for which they have acquired a complete raw material receiving system, pneumatic conveying and flour storage system from Zeppelin Systems.

The system comprises two storage silos for flour, pneumatic conveying using a rotary valve to feed two day bins, from where the material is dosed by two conveying screws till a central scale from which the materials are transferred to an intermediate hopper.

This hopper doses the product into another rotary valve that feeds a second pneumatic conveying line till six hoppers above the mixers.

PANCO’S plant has been modernized by this installation such that their productivity increased due to reduced internal raw materials handling time while having total control of their recipes.

The pneumatic conveying systems, allied to the operational logic and recipe control, designed by Zeppelin Systems assure better performance and consequently more production.

Through the new equipment, PANCO has made clear their advanced vision in serving the market. Zeppelin is proud of its participation in this important project.

Follow PANCO’s steps and call in our application engineers whenever you wish to handle solid products safely, with quality, technology and complete control of all recipes.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is the ideal partner, developing solutions to innovate your industrial processes.

Ricardo B. Santos

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