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Intercement build a multi-chamber silo in its new cement grinding plant in cubatão, SP



Intercement is one of the most important Brazilian cement industrial corporations and recently implemented a new cement grinding plant for several cement types in Cubatão, SP.

To allow for the storage of their different cement types they awarded Zeppelin Systems Latin America with the supply of a multi-chamber silo with a total capacity of 12.000 tons, divided in 4 chambers, one central and 3 lateral. The silo itself was constructed by Intercement according to Zeppelin’s architectural concept with an inverted cone.

An important feature to point out is that the silo can feed ordinary tank trucks for solid bulk materials as well twin or triple trailer trucks at high feeding rates without needing to reposition the truck.

From each storage chamber it is possible to feed any of the loading points, i.e. one of both of the bulk loading points, as well as bagging or truck loading.

For this important step in its new grinding plant, Intercement relied on Zeppelin Systems Latin America, who in addition of more than 35 years of experience has delivered numerous storage systems by mono and multi-chamber silos in Brazil and Latin America.

Ricardo B. Santos

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