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Zeppelin Systems Latin America and Zeppelin Reimelt held their first food zeminar in São Paulo



This seminar took place on October 26th at the Panamby Hotel in Guarulhos.

Renowned experts on food -technology from Germany, Dr. Matthias Kruse and Dr. Christian Faber, both from Zeppelin Reimelt, came to show innovations and support technical discussions.

Extremely important issues for the food industry have been presented, such as modern technologies for the receipt of raw materials and preparation of recipes, among others, for cakes, biscuits, pasta, pizzas and tortillas.

The lectures included:

• Basic mixing technology;
• Projects of plants – Successful fabrication cases of pizzas and tortillas;
• Raw materials – Flour cooling and sugar milling;
• Continuous fermentation versus batch fermentation.
• Raw materials – Logistics (Bulktilter®);
• New regulations regarding protection against explosions in Brazil;
• EHEDG – Hygienic Project Engineering;
• Automation systems for recipes’ control.

The presence of prestigious companies in this segment, such as Arcor, Bauducco, Faraco, Festpan, Fini, Fortunar, Frutap, J. Macedo, Liotécnica, Marilan, Marvi, Nastri, Nestlé, Pepsico, Proceedings and Wickbold was essential to enrich the discussions.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America thanks everyone for its presence.

Once again, Zeppelin has shown its capacity to support the food industry offering solutions that add value through innovations to the business of its clients.

Ricardo B. Santos

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