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Technology center - Zeppelin Systems Latin America



From 2004 on, Zeppelin Systems Latin America, located in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, runs a modern test center.

Since 2004 many raw materials with different features have been tested to evaluate their flow-properties and behavior during pneumatic conveying, homogenizing / mixing, dosing and processing.

Through these tests processes with powdered or granulated products can be refined and validated, such as:

• Pneumatic conveying in dense or dilute phase in real conveying conditions.

• Testing of different types of rotary valves to evaluate the capacity for different applications of flakes, “sticky” or hygroscopic materials.

• Choosing of the correct valve to grant leakage-free operation, dosing and blocking function for each different product.

• Transportation improvement by defining the best alternative to grant minimum degradation of the product.

Zeppelin’s experience includes tests with graphite, limestone, E.V.A., shredded paper, carbon black, sinter dust, polyethylene / metallocene, polypropylene, hydrated alumina, titanium dioxide, precipitated calcium carbonate, concentrated molybdenum as well as raw materials for food industries, such as wheat flour, grains, coffee, cereals, cocoa and sugar, among others.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America can carry out specific tests to develop innovating industrial processes for its clients that will help them to achieve more success.

Every leading company in industrial processes looks for more efficiency and growing production capacities of its industrial lines. The tests performed by Zeppelin will grant them that new solids handling systems are designed and commissioned quickly and reliably.

Don’t hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems Latin America to benefit from the latest technological developments for dry bulk handling systems.

EHEDG certified – European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group – to standardize a hygienic food engineering and design including fabrication of equipment for food industries.

Ricardo Santos

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