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Reduction of dry bulk handling costs by using a Bulktilter®



The BULKTILTER®, container tilting equipment developed and manufactured by ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS LATIN AMERICA, has become a fundamental element in the reduction of logistics costs for raw materials in powder or granulated form.

Allows the loading and unloading of raw materials in pellets and industrial powder products, transported in standard 20’ containers (ISO 668:1995) with internal “liner”.
The advantages of Bulktilter® are:

• The equipment makes it possible to tilt containers transported on simple trailers or bogies, eliminating the need for dump trucks or silo trucks.

• Flexibility in the choice of truck is a significant advantage that reduces costs in raw material supply logistics.

• Reduces packaging material costs (Moving / Loading / Unloading / Handling of dry supplies by dispensing with the use of big-bags).

• Robust equipment, made of carbon steel. It has hydraulic unit, automated controls and integrated with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) also has Human Machine Interface (HMI) with user-friendly graphics (Total Autonomy).

• Allows Global Sourcing.

In combination with the CDU - Container Unloading Unit - it allows the transfer of raw material from the truck to the silo in an efficient, clean and economical way.

Optionally an AGU (Air Generation Unit) can be attached, which is a compact mobile unit for generating and cooling the pneumatic conveying air at the proper pressures and flow rates.

Count on Zeppelin Systems Latin America as a partner, to present solutions that will bring countless benefits to your company!

Ricardo Santos

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