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Zeppelin liquids processing participates in FCE Pharma Trade Show in São Paulo, Brasil



Zeppelin Systems – Liquids Processing participated in the FCE Pharma 2011 tradeshow, held from May 24th to 26th in the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Zeppelin introduced new developments on equipment for medicine and cosmetics production.

Highlight at the event was the exhibit of a tubular heat exchanger, specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Its mechanical concept avoids any chance of contamination, a problem often related to conventional heat exchangers.

The purpose of this specially designed equipment is cooling the water for injection (WFI) or purified water (PW) from the sterile temperature of approx. 80º to 90º, in which it is pumped into the circulation rings, to the typically used temperature of 20º to 40º. The same equipment can also be used for heating. This process has to ensure that no cross-contamination risks are possible, either by sharp edges or materials / liquids stagnation points, according to FDA, European Pharmacopoeia and cGMP concepts. The Zeppelin tubular heat exchanger is a complete solution, including support as well as all standard pharmaceutical certifications, such as DQ, CQ, IQ, etc.

This equipment can also be used for serum. It was highly appreciated by visitors due to its multiple applications, quality and finishing.

Zeppelin is proud for having participated in this important event and thanks all national and international visitors for their interest in Zeppelin’s high performance equipment.

Ricardo Santos

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