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Silo improvement in record time



Petroquímica BRASKEM, largest polymer manufacturer in Brazil, counted on JMB ZEPPELIN’s expertise to overhaul in shortest period of time a storage silo for UTEC resins for export. The equipment has been reinstalled at BRASKEM’s PE-plant in Camaçari, Bahia.

The silo was rebuilt in record time of 5 days, reinstalling its original performance, quality and safety at a very competitive cost.

This job was an example of good technology allied to efficient logistic. The record-time revamping was only possible because simultaneously to the fabrication of new core components in the JMB Zeppelin plant in São Bernardo do Campo, the original silo in Camaçari was already disassembled.

As soon as the equipment reached JMB ZEPPELIN’s facilities, the new parts were readily reinstalled.

In spite of the pressure to finish the reform as soon as possible, all necessary inspections were successfully accomplished.

Once again, we thank BRASKEM for their confidence in JMB ZEPPELIN’s work and are proud of having participated in this emergency operation.

Mark Heinke
Manager Petrochemical Area

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