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Reimelt do Brasil Supplied sugar receiving and conveying system to liotécnica



LIOTÉCNICA, specialized in dehydration processes for foods, has just completed 40 years of tradition and success. They have recently acquired from REIMELT DO BRASIL a sugar receiving system and its pneumatic conveying to the product mixing lines.

A modern cold dehydration technique, known as “freeze drying” (lyophilization) is a specialty of Liotécnica, who offers finished and half-finished products for several areas, such as retail, food service, school meals, military rations, etc.

The recently installed new sugar conveying system consists of double 25 Kg big-bags discharge unit with sieve, hopper and pressure vessel to convey pneumatically up to 12 tons of material in dense phase.

The conveying system transports the sugar in utmost hygienically conditions to four destination points, selected through diverter valves, up to dosing scales.

The whole system is hermetically sealed and all equipment in touch with product are made of stainless steel.

REIMELT has also supplied all instrumentation and automation for these systems, assuring much more efficiency, traceability, predictability and international hygienic standards to Liotécnica’s new plant in Embu, SP.

This investment demonstrates Liotécnica’s leadership in the market. Liotécnica offers prepared foods made of selected raw materials under rigorous process control so that the final quality of their products is guaranteed.

REIMELT DO BRASIL, a subsidiary of the German Reimelt with branches in all continents and recently incorporated to the German Zeppelin Group, is proud of having participated in this important project.
Please contact our application engineers for more information.


Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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