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JMB Zeppelin supplies pneumatic conveying systems for Vale's Onça Puma Project



The Onça Puma Project is a Nickel Ore production plant located in Ourilândia do Norte, in the southeast of the estate of Pará. The location was chosen because of large deposits of laterite nickel in the hills named Onça and Puma, along Ourilândia do Norte, São Félix do Xingu and Parauapebas.

Onça Puma’s processing plant will use RKEF – Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace technology with fines recovery from process fumes through electrostatic precipitators and bag filters.

JMB ZEPPELIN has supplied, among other equipment, the pneumatic conveying systems in dense phase for Calcined Nickel Ore dust, using pressure pots under the precipitators and filters.

The system employs a totally enclosed concept, thus exceeding the allowable particles emissions regulation to the atmosphere. A further benefit of the use of pneumatic conveying is the maximum performance of the plant and best environmental quality control management.

JMB Zeppelin was very happy to have been chosen for this important subsystem by VALE and is convinced that VALE will obtain great benefits from this new investment.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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