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Construction company J.Malucelli acquires complete conveying system for cement



J. MALUCELLI is a construction company specialized in large civil works. They were awarded with the challenging project to build a hydroelectric energy plant in the city of Telêmaco Borba, estate of Paraná.

To grant a steady supply of cement, J. MALUCELLI relied on JMB ZEPPELIN to provide for a pneumatic conveying system. This system was designed in dilute phase with hopper and conveying screw, air and conveying piping as well as corresponding compressed air source.

The conveying screw is a reliable and environmental friendly equipment, that conveys all kind of dry bulk solid materials, powdered or granulated - with defined grain size. Being hermetically closed, it avoids particle emissions to the air and guarantees continuous transportation of cement for concrete production at a rate of 20 tons per hour.

JMB ZEPPELIN is proud of having participated in this project.

For any project involving solid bulk materials handling, learn about the most trustful equipment available in the market with best cost / benefit ratio that suits your specific needs.


Ricardo B. Santos

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