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Bauducco expands production capacity of its plant in Bonsucesso



Once again, BAUDUCCO, one of the largest producers of biscuits, toasts and panettones, among others, expanded its plant in Bonsucesso.

Leading company in the food segment, BAUDUCCO increased its productive capacity by introducing logistic improvements in the raw material receiving area.

The expansion included improvements in the receipt of wheat flour in big bags, its pneumatic conveying to storage silos, conveying system to the new dosing and weighing scales and to the new mixers. All these systems have been fully integrated to a PLC control system.

The big bag discharge system was modernized, so that feeding of aluminum silos became a completely reliable operation. The silos were equipped with environmental protection device and positive discharge system. Through pneumatic conveying and automatic diverter valve, up to 10 weighing / dosing scales can be fed.

Scales are “loss-in-weight” type, extremely precise, allowing for automatic and hierarchical operation.

Through this investment, BAUDUCCO achieved more control, reduced maintenance services and could speed up the handling of wheat flour. Besides, floor space in the factory could be released for other activities.

JMB ZEPPELIN is proud for having participated in this important project based on its modern technology concepts and remains at BADUCCO's entire disposal.

Ricardo B. Santos

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