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Conveyors and Dosing Screw

Conveyors and Dosing Screw
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Models with single screw, double screws or special screws. Equipment appropriate for conveying and dosing of dry powdered or grained materials. Can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Best cost / benefit ratio
Robust equipment in carbon or stainless steel versions, and can be used in powder handling and solid granules for several industry segments.
The equipment has variable pitch ensuring the product does not compact inside, easily accessible covers facilitating inspection and cleaning, sealing shaft preventing leaks, frequency inverter for precision control and feeding, variable length providing flexibility for each application , Complying with the NR12 standards, making the equipment safe and reliable, instrumentation with explosion protection certification, can be used in classified areas, double screw option for greater accuracy in dosing, standard connection flanges, allowing to be coupled in several systems without many changes.

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