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Zeppelin installs silos and pneumatic conveying systems for a plastic processing plant



In the course of the implementation of a plastic processing plant in Brazil, Zeppelin supplied recently, in order to integrate the complete project, the following equipment:

• Stationary storage silos for plastic resins on load cells that allow for exact monitoring of the quantity of raw material available in the silo.

The aluminum silos are entirely welded in order to guarantee completely sealed equipment, thus, avoiding contamination between the internal and external milieu.

Nowadays the concept of storing raw materials in silos is more and more used in industrial plants. The reason for this change is based on the advantages the project responsible obtains when migrating from bags / big-bags handling, where material’s losses are unavoidable and the risk of contamination is always present. Besides, the handling costs for fork lifts and those related to men power and evidently the fact that outdoor silos need much less space for their installation compared to a more expensive indoor storage area, point to this more attractive solution.

• Conveying systems offer a totally automatized logistic solution for the transfer of solid bulk materials from point A to point B in this plastic processing plant.

This concept conveys the product safely, in an entirely hermetic circuit, so that material losses and cross contamination are no longer possible.

The system also includes a cooling system for the conveying air by means of an air/air type heat exchanger and through that the raw materials are not subjected to heating, thus, maintaining their integrity.

Zeppelin is proud of having participated in this important project.

Whenever you need to store and handle bulk materials, do not hesitate to contact Zeppelin’s applications engineers.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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