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Anglo American acquires pneumatic conveying and dedusting systems for their Barro Alto Project



Anglo American, one of the largest mining and natural resources extraction Group of the world, is building the new Barro Alto plant in the state of Goiás, Brazil.

When this new plant goes on stream, the total production capacity will be more than double of the present nickel production of the Anglo American Group.

JMB ZEPPELIN / ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS participates in this important project supplying pneumatic conveying systems in dense and dilute phase and dedusting systems through bag filters.

The pneumatic conveyors used to return the fine dust from the rotary kiln and the electric arc furnace allow for an energy consumption economy of up to 20% compared to the traditional conveying systems available in the market.

Dedusting of the air carried into the silos by the conveyors is retained in specially designed filters, so that particle emissions to the atmosphere are well within allowable rates.

ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS is proud in having contributed to this modern installation and congratulates Anglo American for their constant environmental concern and implementation of another project committed to their sustainable development policy

Ricardo B. Santos

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