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Zeppelin Systems fabricates aluminun, stainless steel and carbon steel silos. These equipment allow for safe storage of powdered or granulated dry bulk materials without risk of contamination. Zeppelin Systems designs and assembles the silos according to customer's needs.
Silos are equipment whose main function is the storage of material without contamination (of both the material and the environment). Zeppelin silos are specially built for the optimization of our customers' processes. Aluminum or stainless steel our silos serve the storage of the most varied types of products for example:
Polymer segment: PP, LDPE, PET, PS, PVC, ABS, HDPE
Food segment: Sugar, Cassava starch, Flours, Starch
Segment of rubbers: Silica and Carbon Black.
Product manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and tailored to the modern manufacturing plant of Zeppelin Systems Latin America in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, guarantee the success of your investment.
Zeppelin silos are divided according to the specific needs of the customer, so as to optimize the design that is assigned to us.
Weld Tec
They are manufactured in welded plates, their  are welded on both sides (inside and out), which ensures watertightness and product quality. Great solution when it comes to storing products in large quantity, resistant to winds and it's the most common type of silos.
Bolt Tec
They are manufactured and bolted (with total guarantee of watertightness). The intelligent design ensures its technological leadership. The sections of this silo need no further welding - they can be bolted in place. This concept was developed in cooperation with several research institutes.
The concept: the different silo segments are transported in containers and then bolted in place. No specialized assembly personnel are required as the work can be done quickly and inexpensively by your own staff. 

Panel Tec
Used for capacities above 500m³, this type of silo is prefabricated in plates, which are sent to the client and later are bolted on the outside and welded inside, it's field assembly that provides easy assembly in difficult access places.
The new cone design allows quick and precise orientation and alignment of the cone segments. It is not necessary to mill the weld seams to ensure optimal flow of bulk material. As for the roof of the silo, you can choose from 3 options available:
- Standard conical roof at 15 °.
- Inclined cone roof 35 ° / 15 ° (allows to overhang on the ceiling)
- Cone roof with integrated access platform. (Allows to walk on the ceiling, but the platform can connect several silos)

All Zeppelin input engineering equipment can be integrated into the panel-Tec design.
 Silos can also be classified into short skirt and long skirt:
Short skirt
They are silos that will not lean directly on the ground, that is, you can see angulation of the tip.
Long Skirt
Are silos that keep their diameter to their base (they will be directly supported on the ground), and the cone is internal to the diameter.
Zeppelin watches over the quality and tradition in the manufacture of Silos, where it has its own factory in Brazil for more than 40 years and more than 100 years in the world. Consult Zeppelin for your future projects and purchase high-tech, high-quality equipment.

Aluminum Silos: the utmost solution

From the proven technology in fabrication to an almost lifetime material guarantee, Zeppelin Systems LA offers the highest industrial standards.
Silos up to approximately 200 m3 are shop fabricated, silos with higher capacity are prefabricated at the workshop and site assembled.

Cargo Transfer systems: flexibility and efficiency

Zeppelin Systems LA offers personalized solutions for cargo transfer from bulk trucks, sea bulk containers or big bags.
Pneumatic conveying systems reduce costs and material's transfer time.
Reduction of product loss during cargo transfer is another benefit made possible by Zeppelin Systems LA conveying systems.

Silo Management System

Specialized software allows for a computerized management from a single silo to a silo farm or distribution centers, so that a complete and precise control of storage capacity, product transfer and blending is possible.

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